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What is Ready Set Math all about?
Well, we all know there is not a one-stop shop or a magic resource that has all you’ll ever need. So, what do you do when what you have is good but not complete or just not enough?

As educators continue to face the growing challenge of meeting individual student needs in math, our developers at US Math Recovery Council® (USMRC) have been working hard to provide resources to meet the differentiated needs of students to help support that challenge.

Ready Set Math brings educators a package of research-based resources that will complement core instructional resources and supplement the gaps for all students. Designed with the intention to provide teachers mini-lessons and activities that are easy to follow, quick to implement, and extend learning experiences within, below, or above a current grade level.

With a responsibility to meet students where they are at and differentiate for learning needs and learning styles, it is a growing challenge to design effective instruction with only one teaching resource.  

Designing Ready Set Math . . .  

Our design team collectively has numerous years of experience from the classroom level to the district level.
All team members are currently part of the USMRC development team as specialists that dig deep into the content and research to best provide support for our education community.

Almost two years have been dedicated to crafting this resource that is aligned with the research that is the foundation to all USMRC texts and courses and best practices for high-quality teaching. We wanted to bring a resource that took out the guessing game for educators and allowed for the ability to just get down and dirty with good teaching, in-the-moment assessment, and embedded moments for teacher learning along the way.    

10 Modules with over 500 lessons and activities . . .

Ready Set Math Users Module Guide

Each Ready Set Math module focuses on a specific topic.

Within each topic there is a learning progression students move through to meet the overall learning goal of that topic. These progressions are broken down in each module as sub-goals.
Think of them as benchmark goals on the path to the overall goal.

progressions are broken down in each module as sub-goals

Each sub-goal has a collection of unique, easy-to-follow mini-lessons for
large and small group settings AND student activities for independent practice.

Each one is flexibly designed to be adjusted and used to meet the varying needs we know teachers have day-to-day.
A large group lesson may be just what you need for your small group of students.
An independent activity may be the secret to engaging your students in some guided practice.
The design was intended to allow for teacher creativity and flexibility to make it best fit the needs of all! 

With so much there, where do I start? 

The selection of a module is fully dependent on the needs of the students you are working with.
Once a topic of focus has been selected, there are tools for digging in deeper to learn where in the learning progression to start.

The descriptions for each sub-goal provide insight into the learning that takes place with the lessons and activities.
These may help best connect to the standards in which you are teaching and the gaps you have identified.

Next, you need to answer the question, “What do my students know and understand?
Student Knowledge Checks are provided as quick and simple questions used to answer exactly this.
Using these checks will help reveal what knowledge and understanding students may have and narrows down what may be missing or causing barriers to overall success.
These checks are also a nice quick way to check in and measure student success along the way. 

Ready, Set, Go! Or better yet . . .  “Ready, Set, Math!” 

When you dig in you will find many features that make this so much more than just a set of lessons and activities. You will find features such as: 

  • Downloadable and printable materials are available within each lesson and activity for quick and easy implementation. 
    Don’t have time to download and print? That’s just fine…..
  • Activity Boxed Sets are available to purchase so you can spend your time planning and teaching. 
  • Magnifying Glass Icons are embedded throughout the lessons with look-fors and suggested responses, scaffolds, and supports. 
  • Variations are often provided suggesting ways to adjust or vary the lesson or activity.
     When you have a thought of your own, try it out!  
  • Related activities are linked to all lessons and activities to keep the path of learning engaging and moving. 
  • Home communication and engagement recommendations are provided with suggested language when communicating with parents and activities they can do at home to engage with their children. 

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Are you using Ready Set Math?
We want to hear from you! 

The feedback of our users will drive the ongoing success and continued development of Ready Set Math.
If you have a story or suggestion to share, please leave it in the comment section below.

Sharing is Caring

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