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At Math Recovery we seem to have our own lingo. Some of this I have been told comes from the fact that our researchers are Australian… We thought it might be helpful to define some of our special terms and acronyms.  I remember being in AVMR Course 1 in 2011 and hearing the word robust and facile…honestly, I had to look them up. 

  1. Settings – manipulatives 
  1. Distancing the setting – removing the setting thoughtfully AKA scaffolding . Check out this post. 


    Rekenrek- means calculating frame and was developed at the Freudenthal Institute in Holland and it sounds so much better than the bead rack  

    4. White to the right

    The white beads should be to the right of the red ones.

      1. Flashing – quickly showing a setting and then covering it up 
      1. Facile – student demonstrate automaticity with a strategy
      1. Robust – according to the Cambridge dictionary- strong and healthy, and unlikely to break or fail – we mean the students strategy is super solid! 
      1. Structuring Number – a topic of teaching and learning that supports students to be able to chunk and decompose numbers and apply that knowledge when adding and subtracting,
      1. Structure with a vengeance – sounds a bit scary… we are not suggesting being over structured, we mean once a student is a robust (see definition above) with counting on and counting back, instruction in structuring number should ramp up to support students to develop non-counting strategies 
      1. AVMR 1 – Add+Vantage MR Course 1 
      1. AVMR 2 – Add+Vantage MR Course 2 
      1. NWN – Number words and numerals 
      1. NID – Numeral Identification 
      1. MRSp – Math Recovery Specialist course 
      1. RSM – Ready Set Math – digital supplemental resources to support classroom instruction 
      Math Recovery
      Dr. Robert Wright
      1. Bobisms – Awesome quotes from Dr. Robert Wright 
      1. CIFEN – Classroom Instructional Framework in Number 
      1. LFIN – Learning Framework in Number 

        SEAL – Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning 

        Steffe – Dr.Leslie Steffe, researcher extraordinaire from University of Georgia. If you took Math Recovery Specialist you have ‘read’ his research…whether you comprehended it is another story 😊.  We get our Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning from his research. That said he was awarded our 2017 Pioneer Award at our Conference. He gave an inspiring and completely understandable speech that left many of us in tears when he referenced his first incredible math teacher, his mother. 

          What are we missing? What jargon do you use at your school? Add to the comments below! Check out more about Math Recovery teaching here.

          Sharing is Caring

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