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Laugh Out Loud Math Recovery Moments

kids laughing at math

We all have had experiences where kids say the funniest things. Here are some hilarious moments that happened during Math Recovery lessons or assessments.

One story that has captured my heart is from a teacher I worked with. After learning the assessments for Course 1, the teacher wanted to try them out with a new kindergarten student. Her hope was to gather information on him, as it was the end of the year, and wanted to create a plan for the last couple weeks of school. 
As she was giving him the AVMR assessment for Number Words and Numerals, specifically the Backwards Number Words Sequences, the teacher asked the student to count backwards starting at 10. Confidently, he turns around with his back to the teacher (backwards) and starts counting to 10.  Knowing that he misunderstood the directions, the teacher stopped him and repeated herself.  He replied….”Oh yea!!”  and turned around again (backwards) and said “10, 1, 2, 3…..”  😂 Kudos to the teacher, who tried her best to keep her poker face. She later told me, “I tried SO HARD to keep a straight face but that one broke me.”  Gotta love that response for producing the backwards number word sequence!
I remember assessing a 2nd grader with the task 4 + 12, her response, “If that was 12 + 4, I could totally do it!”
Our local parochial schools offer a summer day camp for kids.  At our request, the counselors enthusiastically instituted a “Math Day” and invited all teachers participating in AVMR courses to practice assessments with the campers.  One teacher was trying valiantly to get a young child to explain their thinking on the additive and subtractive tasks.  This child’s consistent response was a joyful “Jesus told me!”. 

In addition to the difficulty of uncovering the child’s thinking was the somewhat surprising fact that “Jesus” seemed unable to correctly solve many of the tasks.  😉
I was working with my group of two 4th grade students. We were using the bead string together and I was getting so excited because of the awesome work the two students were doing. I ended up tipping my chair over, and fell literally head over heels. Without missing a beat, my one student yelled out, “Don’t worry Mrs. Bissing, we all get excited doing math sometimes! At least you saved the bead string.”
math is funny with kids

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Sharing is Caring

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