Two Powerful Professional Development Opportunities from Math Recovery®

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Two Powerful Professional Development Opportunities

There is no doubt the titles of Math Math Recovery® courses and their content can be a little confusing at first, and you may be wondering if taking a course is for you.

If you are considering taking a course with US Math Recovery®, it would be helpful to learn the differences and similarities between these two powerful professional development opportunities.

Listen in as MRSp and AVMR are explained in this
6-minute video.

What is Math Recovery® Specialist aka MRSp?

MRSp is the course that prepares you to be a primary interventionist. It is a year-long experience that includes professional development and individual coaching.

professional development with MRSp to teach one-on-one

You will learn dynamic diagnostic interview assessments that pair with research-based learning trajectories.
This combination prepares you to identify students’ assets and design instruction to move each student forward.
This course requires 100 hours of intervention work with students, mostly one-on-one with first graders.

Research shows that successful intervention in grade 1 can greatly impact a student’s math trajectory.

It is also one of the prerequisites to becoming an in-district trainer. We have MRSp1 and MRSp2, learn more here.

What is Add+VantageMR® aka AVMR?

AVMR is a four-day course or 8 two hour zoom sessions if you prefer virtual learning.
These courses are designed to support classroom teachers in differentiating instruction more effectively.

Teaching with AVMR Professional Development

The dynamic diagnostic interview assessments allow you to truly understand what each student’s strategies are so that you can then move them forward.
You also learn the research-based learning trajectories so you know how to plan for the next steps in learning. Powerful instructional settings and teaching moves are also covered.

The professional development includes watching students, identifying strengths, and informing teaching decisions.
It does not include individual coaching like MRSp1.

There are actually three AVMR courses. You can learn more here.

Tuition Assistance

As a non-profit, we provide opportunities for full scholarships each year. Please consider applying via this link.

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