Practical Ways to Teach Mental Math Strategies

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mentally adding  and subtracting presentation

Mental Strategies for Adding and Subtracting

Mentally adding and subtracting is a goal we have for all students and it is in the standards. Student’s ability to add and subtract to 100 using mental strategies requires thoughtful planning and intention from the teacher.

New Materials

Watch this 52-minute session to learn new instructional techniques with the 100-Bead String and Base-10 dot materials.

Thuc-Khanh Park has worked for USMRC since 2021. She teaches courses and also works directly with students as part of our Math Champs program.

This 52-minute presentation originally aired on Christina Tondevold’s Build Math Minds Virtual Summit.

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Order your 100 Bead String here.

Interested in the Base-10 Dot Materials? Free download -scroll down to LFIN teaching kit- 3C-3D CPV & Addition and Subtraction to 100.

Sharing is Caring

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