Stuck in the World of Repeated Addition and Subtraction

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Learn from the best, as Dina Mendola presents on supporting students to move beyond repeated addition and subtraction and into multiplicative thinking with units coordination. In this presentation, Stuck in the World of Repeated Addition and Subtraction, Dina provides actionable steps to support students to develop multiplicative thinking.

repeated addition and subtraction

Dina Mendola had been working for US Math Recovery Council since 2015. She is currently the Partnership Lead for the Massachusetts Math Tiered Academy project sponsored by Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Massachusetts. Prior to this role, she was a Course and Implementation Specialist. She has presented multiple times at the NCTM and NCSM national conferences. She is passionate about encouraging and supporting girls to choose STEM! Connect with her on twitter @dinamendola or via email

This 44 minute presentation originally aired on Christina Tondevold’s Build Math Minds Virtual Summit.

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Sharing is Caring

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