Using ESSER Funds for Math Professional Development

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September 30th is the last day to allocate ESSER Funds. Maximize the impact of your Funds with Math Recovery® professional development. District leaders leverage these funds to elevate student outcomes by empowering teachers with proven strategies and insights.

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District leaders looking to utilize ESSER Funds for sustainable programs benefiting students and enhancing teacher practices.

Who Benefits From the Use of ESSER Funds?

The primary beneficiaries of ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) funds are students, as these funds are intended to support their academic success and well-being. 
District leaders are looking to utilize ESSER Funds for sustainable programs that benefit students and enhance teacher practices.

Esser Funds Expire September 30th!


What Can ESSER Funds Do?

ESSER Funds provide a unique opportunity to invest in sustainable solutions for student success.
Consider allocating funds towards:

  • Professional learning
  • Addressing unfinished learning
  • Diagnostic assessments and data collection
  • Interventions for all students
  • Summer learning and extended day programs

How to Choose Math Recovery® Professional Development?

Our professional development programs offer lasting benefits that extend well beyond the funding period.
With over 30 years of experience in supporting math instruction, Math Recovery® ensures sustainable practices and pedagogy that stand the test of time.

Math Recovery® seamlessly aligns with key priorities outlined in ESSER funding guidelines. From enhancing academic achievement to supporting student well-being and addressing learning loss, our programs deliver results that matter.

Ready Set Math

• Ready Set Math (RSM) includes high-quality, engaging mini-lessons and activities that can be used to support math instruction across primary, intermediate, and middle school classrooms

Ready Set Math (RSM) is a digital resource grounded in important research on number learning that is the heart of Math Recovery®.
• RSM is a one-time purchase with no renewal cost. District purchases never leave the district.
• Its intended use is for all educators, regardless of previous experiences with Math Recovery® professional development courses.

Learn more about Ready Set Math from our blog:
Are you ready? Get Set! Get Ready Set Math Now!

Add+Vantage Math Recovery

Add+VantageMR® (AVMR) professional development courses focus on early numeracy development and fraction concepts.
AVMR supports elementary & middle school educators, special education instructors, math interventionists, and math coaches in diagnosing and advancing student understanding and growth.

Add+VantageMR® empowers educators to use diagnostic assessments and learning trajectories to guide the teaching of mathematics.
During this practice-based professional development, participants develop their knowledge and skills of day-to-day practice.


Professional development virtual workshops focus on early numeracy development and support educators, in diagnosing and advancing student understanding and development.

Our support workshops will be interactive with a USMRC instructional coach and include content review, videos, and group discussion.

Need to know more?
Learn more about Math Recovery® Professional Development opportunities.

Why Invest in Professional Development?

District leaders know high-quality professional development is critical to maximizing the impact of ESSER Funds.

The US Math Recovery Council provides dynamic professional development focused on teaching math for foundational numeracy learning for all students. empowering educators to advance students’ mathematical thinking and success.

Help equip your teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively drive student achievement and address learning gaps aligning with ESSER Priorities.

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