What Settings Do You Need to Teach Early Number?

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Number Words and Numerals Manipulatives

Numeral Roll

The numeral roll is a versatile setting to support students to develop the skills of numeral identification, number word before and number word after, to name a few.

Basic instruction is to have students say the numbers forward and backward and see the symbols at the same time. And we also want them to notice the patterns within our number system.

Remember, verbal sequences are where we start. Next we support students to connect the word to the symbol.

Consider distancing the setting with a screen.

Challenge students by flipping the roll over and only 10, 20, 30…is visible.

Numeral Tracks

Students LOVE this setting because they can self-check and receive immediate feedback! We LOVE it because we can create any sequence needed in order to meet the needs of each student!

Kindergarteners have to learn the teen numbers and this is the perfect math tool for that.

Questions to ask: What comes next? How do you know? Say the name of this number. What do all of the teen numbers have?

numeral tracks to teach early number

What does Distancing the Setting mean?

Finally, manipulatives or settings, as we refer to them at USMRC, are critical for students and adults to conceptually make sense of mathematics.

Distancing the setting means slowly removing materials or distancing the setting to support students to be able to visualize and move away from needing everything concrete.

Here is how Distancing the Setting Works.
1. Materials are all visible.
2. Flash or show a quick look.
3. Screen or cover the setting and students can remove the screen/cover to check.
4. Finally, distance further with the materials screened. As an example, You can verbally prompt, “think about the numeral track”, what would the number that comes after 29 look like?
Add distancing the setting to your teaching moves!

excited to learn early number

Both the numeral tracks and numeral rolls can be purchased at the Math Recovery Store!

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